Saturday, January 28, 2012

The beginning

This has been a fun journey and it feels like we are heading down the home stretch; which is odd because we have yet to break ground on our home.  We have been looking at the Zachary for nearly two years.  Last March we finally decided to get serious about pursuing our new home, but a big obstacle stood in the way (selling our townhouse).  It was in March that we met with the realtor Ryan recommended.  With a list of suggested home updates, we took about 4-5 months to get our home in a good show state.  In August we listed our home, and we finally received and accepted an offer on Dec. 29th.  We are now roughly a week away from closing on our home.

Two weeks ago we signed our contract, after having gone thru the fun process of selecting all of our options:)  We met with the mortgage company this past Monday and met with Guardian this past Friday, and much to our surprise it was fairly painless.  The rep was not pushy at all, and we pretty much stuck to our desired options (security, additional cable outlet and surround sound in the family room).  We will be meeting with the design firm on Monday to select our carpet.  

Prayerfully we will be out of our townhouse within a week or two and have our approval letter in hand!  Once we break ground, we will post pics.