Wednesday, May 16, 2012

House Number and Rough-in In

Swung by today and noticed that they placed our house number on our black sheeting.  Our house number is 1802 which is odd.  There is one house to our left and no houses left of that for a long distance on the street.  The numbering is bond to confuse visitors for years to come.  The houses at the top of the street ascend in the 1900s.  Then all of a sudden about halfway down the street it changes to 1800 - odd numbers.  The house to our right is 1801 and to its right 1803, and then we are 1802.  I assume that the house on our left will be 1800.

Nonetheless our rough-in plumbing is in and we were able to get our sump pump located under our stairwell, so we can get the full use of one of our utility rooms in the basement; which will be our exercise room.

Lumber is set to be delivered next Friday.



  1. One of our neighbors has an address 6 numbers away from ours and the other one is 4. Makes no sense!

  2. Our neighbor has a side load garage so they are using an address from the side street where the mailbox will be even though the house faces the street we are on. We have a 3 digit number and they have a 5, talk about confusing!

  3. In our current neighborhood, the houses all start with 4 and are four digit numbers. The numbers descend from the main road. However, when you cross one of the cross streets, the numbers start going back up. Whoever planned that did a very poor job!

    Congrats on getting your sump pump under the stairs and out of your way!

  4. How weird tht all of you have addresses that don't make sense! I know what ours will be but never looked at the neighbors to see theirs. But, our current house is on a corner and has the street name of the street it doesn't face. So I always have to explain to people that you need to turn on a different street to get in the driveway. Hopefully our new one will at least be less confusing than that!

  5. The house numbers in our cul-dal-sac are consistent on our street with four numbers. The house numbers in the other cul-da-sac have five numbers. Not sure of the science or mathematical equation for their numbering system; even though they have a different street address.

    Thank you for the tip on having the sump pump placed under the stairs. This is a great idea! I find that they will stick it any location if you don't request the appropriate location for your layout.