Saturday, June 30, 2012

Cabinets and molding galore

Progress continues!  The cabinets have been installed as well as the molding throughout the house.  Things are shaping up well.  We are just about a month away from closing.

Though we couldn't get the tray ceiling in our bedroom, we like the tray ceiling in the dining room.

Living Room

The view from the living room looking thru the porch to the cul de sac

Master Bath vanity

We finally got the chance to see the Beige Marfil fireplace surround
Basement...aka the Man Cave :-)

The porch should be complete next week along with the siding and the driveway pour

The girls' bathroom

The double doors for our bedroom...I doubt that's going to keep the kids out.

 The Diva posing in the foyer :-)

Absolutely love the cabinets.  We were prepared to order the glass doors for the cabinets, but lo and behold ours came with them!


  1. Gorgeous cabinets! I love the staggered look and with the glass one too it really makes them stand out!

    1. Yeah those glass doors were a nice surprise. We plan on adding some to the island as well.

  2. IS that the wheat granite in the bathrooms? They look great, we chose the wheat. OH how I can't wait!!!
    We looked through an Avalon being built with a non gourmet island and it had the doors with glass. When we asked the SR he didn't know and checked to see if it was an wasn't so that was a nice surprise!!

    1. Yep...that is the wheat granite. We love how they look. We asked our SR about the glass doors and were told that we could get them from Home Depot, so we were prepared to do just that.

  3. I love the cabinets too! We're right behind you... our cabinets will arrive this week! :-)

  4. Ditto on the cabinets and the wheat granite. It's amazing how that 1 glass cabinet popped up gives the kitchen a more custom look. We also went with wheat granite in the kids bathroom. I've been nervous that it was going to look pink. Thanks for posting this pic, cause it looks fantastic!

  5. Hi ,

    May I know what kitchen cabinets you have.I chose same counter tops (Giallo Veneziano ) as your , curious to know if the cabinets are same as well. Mine is Wyoming Cherry Spice.

    1. Our cabinets are Maple Cognac Timberlake.