Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Approval - Check! Selling our Townhouse Weds.

We received word that our mortgage app has been approved!  We will also be closing on our Townhouse 2/29 at noon.  We can't wait to hand over our keys.  We will be moving into our apartment next week.  It's going to be fun going from a 3 level townhouse to a 2BR apartment.  But it shouldn't be too bad considering the big prize at the end.  Our dream home should be complete by July.

Finding these blogs has been so helpful.  We thought we had thought of everything, but after looking over many of the blogs we've added some things to our checklist.


  1. If not for these blogs I would not have had the house I do now. Quite a few things I found on blogs made a great difference in getting the house of my dreams. Congratulations on selling the other home.

  2. Congrats!! By the way, I love that elevation!

  3. Thanks...but as is always the case...we still haven't closed....ugh! Hopefully we will get some good news tomorrow. We are so anxious to be done with this process.