Saturday, March 24, 2012

Closing Again + Zachary Place Pics

Well, we have been in a holding pattern for a month now on the sell of our townhouse.  We got word today that we are closing on Weds. 3/28.  We were supposed to have our Pre-Construction Meeting yesterday, but postponed it until we close on our current home.  So hopefully we will get that scheduled next week and ground breaking can begin soon there after.

We were in love with the Zachary model for so long, but lo and behold Ryan has tweaked the model and rebadged it as the Zachary Place.  There are suttle differences between the Zachary and Zachary Place.  Like they no longer offer the 2' extension.  I really wanted that option.  The biggest change for us though is in the Master Bedroom.  In the Zachary, the first walkin closest is directly to the left when you enter the room while the Sitting Area is cut out in the back of the room.  Well in the Zachary Place, that walkin closest is moved to where the Sitting Area is in the back of the room.  The space is the same size, but the layout is better in the Zachary.  Needless to say we are having them build ours as it is designed in the Zachary.  The only drawback is that we can't have the tray ceiling in there.

Here's the Zachary layout...the first walkin closest is just to the left.
Here's the Zachary Place layout...the walkin closest is moved to the back corner.

Here are some additional pics from the Zachary Place model:
They increased the size of the island; which my wife loves!
 We will have a utility sink were the rack is to the right
 We were able to take advantage of a special they were running on a deck...ours should be this size
 They moved the coat closet next to the powder room, so they added the counter and cabinet space to the right of the fridge...another plus


  1. Glad to hear that they are accommodating you with the bedroom layout. The additional counter space and larger island are definitely a plus!

  2. Also glad to hear that you'll get the Zachary master bedroom, I too prefer that layout over the new one. However, I prefer the layout for the kitchen and laundry room in the Zachary Place...more counter space & cabinets in the kitchen and a roomier laundry room. Did you visit a Zachary Place model home? If so, where?

  3. Yeah...we like the kitchen and laundry room as well. The counter beside the fridge also is a nice addition! But really disappointed we can't do the 2' extension. The Zachary Place model is now in Aberdeen. Last weekend we went down to the Zachary Model in Autumn Hills and decided to drive around the neighborhood. Well there was a Zachary Place being built, so we walked thru that one as well.

    1. The Zachary Place looks NICE! I can't wait til mine is done!

      Where is Autumn Hills at? Waldorf? I will go there on Friday with the wifey to check it out, let me know!

  4. Also did the PM give you a reason as to why you can't have the tray ceiling? I am emailing my sales rep now to have her talk to the PM so I can change my layout as well. My wife and I agree with you about having the Zachary Model Master Bedroom as opposed to the new one.

    I re-read your post, so the new model is in Aberdeen. Will go this Friday.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    1. We were told that the trusses for the Zachary Place cannot be modified. We can adjust the floor plan to match the Zachary because they are only moving walls. The tray ceiling in the Zachary Place layout with the Zachary floor plan would have a portion of the tray ceiling overlaying the walk-in closest.

    2. Oh ok cool. I will make it out to Waldorf next couple weeks from now, my sales rep said there are a couple Zachary Places out there that are almost ready for drywall.
      Aberdeen is almost two hrs away from where I live so I will just wait..