Monday, July 23, 2012

House is almost complete

Off from work today and of course I had to stop by the house:)  The house had been locked up for a week, so we hadn't been able to see what the carpet or appliances looked like.  Well when I pulled up, our PM was just walking into the house.  So I was able to walk thru.  He told me that the house should be 100% complete by Thursday.  We have our Pre-Settlement Demonstration next Weds.  They were laying the sod when I pulled up.  Two weeks from today, and we get our keys!!!

Here are the pics:

They had to add the shower seat.  It looks nice!

They had to reset the plumbing in the powder room down here, and have yet to install the tile and toilet.

I love the look of the Dining Room, but it probably won't get much activity:-)

  They still need to install the range and hood.

 I just noticed that we have our mailbox!!


  1. This looks really awesome i'm so excited for you!

  2. Everything looks great, not much longer!

  3. Wow... you have a lot of men working in your yard! Everything is gorgeous! I love the color combinations in the kitchen, the hardwood is beautiful and the tray ceiling is really elegant.

  4. Wow! Your house is looking beautiful! We love all of your options and the dining room is gorgeous! I love the bay windows, hard wood floors an tray ceiling in there. Good luck, just two more weeks and it's all yours.

  5. Your house is gorgeous! I love everything about your dining room! Your hardwoods look amazing! I could go on and on and on.....

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