Thursday, August 2, 2012

Pre-Settlement Demonstration...check!

We had our demo yesterday.  Aside from our sod in the backyard browning a bit, there were no areas of concern.  We started at 11 and finished around 3:30.  We went thru a nice sized binder with warranty and care information, then started in the Master Bath and went thru the entire house.   I think my wife was trying to use up all of the blue tape:-)  All in all the house looked great!

I have been checking the state's online property records and our lot was showing up as 1800, but every time I brought it up to our PM he stated that it was indeed 1802.  Well of course, yesterday it was confirmed that our address is 1800.  Too bad I made all of the utility appointments.  I actually had to be given another installation date by Verizon...smh!  I am not happy about that one.

We received notice today that NVR has given the clear to close.  We have one final walk thru on Monday with our PM at 1:30, and then onto closing at 3:00.  This is the only time I'll be wishing the weekend would be a quick one:-)