Sunday, August 19, 2012

Getting Settled

Well it's been almost 2 weeks since we closed on our new home, and its been non-stop ever since!  We are well pleased with our home.  During construction, I wondered whether the space was going to be enough for us.  But now that we've moved in, I know that is just the home for us.

There are a couple of things that took the sting out our joy (aside for the closing snafu).  First the sod is a mess!  Some of it got too much water and some not enough, so they are going to have to pretty much re-sod the entire lot.  Additionally, one of the trees they planted is going to need to be removed because it blocks the view in the front yard.  Secondly, the surround sound speakers in the family room were a disappointment.  Don't get me wrong the sound is great, but I did not think about the placement of the speakers.  I had them installed in the ceiling.  Well our bedroom is directly above the family room.  You can almost hear the speakers just as clearly in our bedroom as you can in the family room.

The move went well.  It took the movers no time to get our stuff moved in, and nothing was broken!  I must say that I am tired of installing blinds!  We tried to be proactive with those by measuring during construction and buying them over time.  Well I didn't realize that the window casings all aren't the same sized.  So I have gotten a quick lesson in the world of measuring and installing blinds.

Here are some pics:


  1. Your house is gorgeous. I am glad to hear that you are getting settled in. We are moving this Thursday! :-)

  2. Looks great! We closed two weeks ago and we still can't park in our garage because of all of the boxes!